Thursday, March 1, 2012

Flip it, flip it good!

In one of my other education classes I am doing a presentation with a group on how technology has impacted the K-12 education system. Browsing through journals and a number of articles, what is referred to as the "flipped classroom" was discovered. The flipped classroom is virtually an instructional video of a teacher which includes annotations and other helpful aspects. While it began as a tool to use to help those students in rural school systems which often racked up many absences due to their long trip to school, the flipped classroom transformed into an innovative way to connect the teachers with students and students with other students. The main aspect of the flipped classroom now is that students can watch the lesson before they come to class so they are ready to discuss and ask questions and precious class time isn't wasted. It fosters a number of benefits such as increasing student motivation, there are more opportunities for collaborative learning and as stated previously, better relationships are formed in the classroom. Additionally, teachers have more time to work with individual students and discussions in class can more easily be led by the students. More information can be found at

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