Friday, March 23, 2012

More writing (and reading) in the classroom

After reading a fellow classmate's blog it got me thinking about how little writing actually occurs within the classroom these days. As we learned, writing is not only a part of the English classroom but can also exist within classes such as history, math or science. Writing is an essential skill one should have whether he or she is planning on becoming a professional writer or a business owner. How is an individual supposed to write an impressive resume if they lack proper writing skills? Additionally, I feel the way we write effects the way we read and vice versa. Even just this year I have noticed a huge difference in my writing due to the large amounts of reading I have had to do. The more I read, the easier writing becomes. Although a lot of students don't enjoy writing, in my opinion it can't continuously be put on the back burner. Students need to have good writing skills instilled in them as early as possible so that they can build upon what they know and improve their writing little by little. The best way to do that is by, well...writing. Like many things, practice makes perfect (or atleast close to it)!

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  1. Rachel,

    I agree. Not nearly enough writing occurs in high matter what the subject. I know from teaching College Writing that students know two things...the 5 paragraph essay and the 5 page research paper. But what about other genres? You bring up a good point about the resume.

    I look forward to having you in Teaching Writing in the future, because we look at other genres that students can write in. I tried some real word writing in my classes. For instance, when a student is in a fight, they have to fill out a report that summarizes their side of the story. I had students coming to me asking me about this. It was a real situation in which they needed to express themselves.

    As ELA teachers, we have the luxury to teach many, many genres of writing. And we can use fiction to "try out" these genres. But we can also use real world experiences.

    That's one of the reasons you keep these blogs. If I had asked you to write a 2 page summary at the end of the semester as a Word document, I don't think you would be able to reflect as much.

    And what about lab reports? That's a whole other style of writing?

    I think it's important for ELA teachers to not be the sole teacher that collects writing, but it might be our position to discuss the genres that are out there beyond the 5 paragraph essay and the research paper.