Friday, April 20, 2012

Greek Week

"How do you spell distinguished?"
"Uh, distinguished isn't even a word..."

Tumblr_ludj3wtkxl1qk2f10o1_500_largeI heard this very conversation the other morning while I was eating breakfast at Boozle next to a group of sorority girls. Now I am not one to pass judgment on others, however after over-hearing this exchange of words I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Were these girls kidding?! By muttering those words they were only bringing the label of "dumb (non-distinguished) sorority" girl to life. I guess the irony came with the fact that this week is of course...greek week. A week where greek life is constantly battling against one another in various competitions and drinking mass amounts of alcohol throughout both the day and the night. (I can't deny the fact that I feel a tinge of these kids not have school work?) How could these girls seriously not know what the word distinguished meant or even worse, that the word even existed? It made me think about stereotypes and labels. How can we manage to not judge others or put them in a certain light if they are making themselves out to be just what we are assuming of them?

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