Friday, April 6, 2012

Challenges in the classroom

"If you study hard enough you'll get it, hard work always pays off..." We've all heard this phrase...but it isn't always true. Unfortunately, there are students who are going to be "left behind" no matter how much hard work they put into a class. After studying rigorously for hours upon hours for my math test I received the consecutive D on my test. Now, as fellow English majors I feel you can all relate that for most of us math is the enemy. Personally, usually with enough studying, tutoring and hard work I can pull off a C in a math class (I even pulled off a B last semester...did pigs fly that day too?!?). With that said, even though I always say math is like a foreign language to me I can usually get through it, but the last couple of exams have got me thinking. How do those students who just really don't get more than one subject feel? If a student comes to class, studies, does homework and gets a tutor and STILL isn't getting it what do we do? I laid in bed last night thinking how to answer these questions and how as a future teacher I hope to never put my students in a position where they are so nervous about a test that they worry themselves sick. Additionally, I hope my students are able to get all the help they need without being ashamed or embarrassed to ask questions in front of the other students. Luckily, my professor is very understanding and more than willing to do anything to help me get my C. After talking to her my mind was put at ease and I hope to be as helpful as her one day.

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